About Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones is a photographer, climber, husband, father, musician and coffee aficionado. He loves a clean line and can be found studying maps on a rainy day. His photography reflects a simple and profound respect for nature and the beauty of the created world.

He is notoriously thrifty, but loves a good wine. His ingenuity really shines in his rigging for climbing shots on the granite domes of the Carolinas or his controlled moves on a bouldering problem. Too much time indoors makes him restless, which is why you'll often find him tending his garden, biking around town, playing his mandolin or reading a book in his hammock on the front porch.

As much as his heart is at home in the mountains, something about the city lures him in. Maybe its the rugged steel landscapes or the unique corner coffee shops. Kyle finds those places in the city that have been forgotten, that are asking for restoration -- hoping, believing in the need for restoration of all things, everyone, everywhere.