Columbia and the Congaree

April 14, 2012
Congaree Combo 5.jpg
Congaree Combo 3.jpg
Congaree Combo 6.jpg
Congaree Combo 2.jpg
Congaree Combo 1.jpg
Congaree Combo 4.jpg

This is one of quite a few back-logged posts that, well, I never posted. Apologies. I'll do my best to get caught up in the near future. Better late than never, right?

The photos above are from a random afternoon last summer spent in Congaree National Park with one of my best buds, Walthour Clay. This swamp holds the largest and one of the last expanses of old growth bottomland hardwood forests in the southeast. Such a beautiful and unique place. Walking among the oxbow lakes, the massive tupelo and bald cypress, and experiencing the silence and solitude of this forest, I'm amazed that we humans have it in us to wipe the southeast clean of places like this. To think that this forest once stretched hundreds of miles from the coast to the piedmont makes me think what it would have been like to have called that forest home. Aside from daydreaming (this place is good for that), we spent the afternoon craning our necks at the canopy far above us, conversing, and snapping a few shots here and there. Thanks Walt for letting me geek out over everything from champion trees to bugs-- you are a good friend. As if a lazy, late-summer afternoon couldn't get any better, we also managed a stop at Drip Coffee in Columbia. Mmmmmmm, I love good coffee....

*Walthour gets a photo credit for the shot of me above