Table Rock State Park

December 5, 2014
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Table Rock's Southeast wall is the crown jewel of South Carolina climbing. Well, ok, technically it's pretty much the only jewel. Despite this fact, most climbers don't get any closer to experiencing this amazing place than the view from Hwy 11, two miles away. And for good reason-- a short season, super-heady climbing, and a rather stiff approach are usually enough to keep most folks on the granite North of the state line.

On my many treks to North Carolina, I too was one of those souls who gazed longingly from the state highway at the streaked, granite wall looming a thousand feet above me. The undisputed classic climb, Stone Wall Action, is easily recognized from miles away-- a white streak up the center of the wall with a slanting 100' dihedral slicing through it right to left. It's such a striking line, and one I've wanted to shoot for years. Last week I had the pleasure of witnessing a fine ascent of Stone Wall Action by South Carolina's own Tom Caldwell and Eric Singleton. Thanks fellas for allowing me the opportunity to join y'all. Table Rock is for sure a new favorite, and I can't wait to get back there to climb and shoot more routes.